helping aged people

live the life they want to live



support networks


providing training to the

community care sector


assisting service providers to

help older people stay independent longer


improving cohesion

across the community care sector in New England


A range of information including practical advice on how to care, details about financial and respite support, and how to adjust when caring ends, can be accessed at:


The Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter: Link to training event held in Gunnedah  28 & 30 May 2018

CHSP Programme Manual April 2017 Final

Aged Care Reforms Interface CHSP HCP NESST Forum 2908 017

MoneyCare Mini Poster for services

MoneyCare Mini Poster Gambling

Moneycare poster Financial Counselling Service

Reform and Disruption Survive and Thrive NESST Forum 290817

Short-Term Restorative Care NESST Forum 290817


Residential Care – Aged Care Act 1997, Schedule 1 User Rights Principles 2014

Charter of Care Recipients’ Rights & Responsibilities

For Home Care – Aged Care ACT 1997, Schedule 1 User Rights Principles 2014

Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) Guidelines Overview
The Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS), July 2015

Living well at home: CHSP Good Practice Guide

Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP)

Transitioning to the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP): TIMELINE FOR SERVICE PROVIDERS
The Australian Government Department of Social Services (DSS), July 2015

2014 HACC Client Handbook

Commonwealth HACC and the Community Care Supports Reporting Requirements

Transport Services New England

List of Community Care Acronyms

Tracey Clerke – Regional CHSP Forum PowerPoint

Michelle Newman – Regional CHSP Forum PowerPoint

Deb Pugh – Regional CHSP Forum PowerPoint

CHSP Orientation 2015

Guide to CHSP Reporting V1

Kathy Taylor_ CHSP Forum_Powerpoint Presentation_Sept 1st

Judy Coates Presentation_HACC Forum_Sept 1st

Terrie Leoleos CHSP Presentation 1st September 2016

Peter Hollingsworth Presentation 1st September 2016

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