NESST Newsflash 18 July 2022


We think we’ve cracked it!  Welcome to our new format NESST NewsFlash.  Finally!

We’ve been experimenting with the best way to communicate with everyone over the past few weeks and think we’ve found a platform that will be easy for us to use, easy for you to view and share and not have updates  endlessly end up in spam and junk folders.

The platform comes with a few different features and we will transition our event registration and payments across as well.

Everyone on our current mailing list will have received or will be receiving an email to confirm inclusion on the mailing list.  If everything is correct there is nothing to do!  And we will be doing some data checking in the near future so expect a call or email to confirm all your details. If you are aware of someone who hasn’t received this NewsFlash contact us and we will add them to the mailing list.

Each issue will cover topics such as:

  • Aged Care Reforms
  • Covid 19
  • Training Updates
  • Upcoming Events
  • Government Updates
  • Forums
  • Local Events
If you wish to be added to the Newsflash mailing list please contact us at
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