NESST celebrates diversity and promotes inclusion


NESST takes a leadership role and gives a voice to local communities


NESST is committed to a sustainable and reliable service system


NESST encourages and facilitates efficient and effective service provision

Our Services

  • Service Planning

    We are able to provide advice and support in relation to workforce and service planning and coordinate strategies for service development. We are here to help identify examples of best practice in community development and service provision.

  • Problem Solving

    We provide a confidential and collaborative problem solving service to help in resolving the challenges and problems faced by staff and organisations providing services in the sector.

  • Recruitment Selection

    We can assist organisations throughout the recruitment process, to identify the right person for the job. We can also assist in the developing position descriptions and determining the appropriate award level for a position.

  • Policy Development

    We can assist organisations with the development and review of policy and procedures and ensure that the Common Care Standards are met. We are also able to provide comment on policy proposals and discussion papers.

  • Training

    We provide and facilitate a wide range of non-accredited training opportunities for staff and volunteers across the sector. Training we are able to provide includes (but is not limited to) Cultural Awareness Training, Volunteer Training, Orientation Training, Dementia Awareness and Communication.

  • Support and Resources

    We provide program and sector information to organisations and are responsible for organising a bi-annual regional forum. We also develop and produce handbooks and guidelines for service providers.

  • Program Information

    We provide information on policies and guidelines for service providers in the Community Care Sector.

  • Network Facilitation

    We organise and coordinate a number of networks and forums for service providers which provide an ideal opportunity to network and share experiences, improve knowledge, discuss best practice and identify solutions to problems.

  • Promotion and Advocacy

    We can assist organisations with marketing and promotional activities by promoting and endorsing organisations and their services throughout the Community Care Sector through our networks. We can also provide advocacy support to assist organisations and staff by representing and working with a person or organisation to exercise their rights, in order to ensure that their rights are upheld.

For more information about how NESST can help your organisation, call us on 02 6772 3590