In this issue:

  • Useful Links:
  • ACSA WEEKLY Issue No. 158 19 March 2020
    • Fully in the grips of managing COVID-19
    • ACSA COVID_19 Alerts
    • ACSA COVID-19 Member Support
      • ACSA Webinar: COVID-19 – Lessons from BaptistCare + Crisis Media Management
      • Department of Health Daily Updates: ‘Protecting Older Australians’ e-Newsletter
      • State-based updates
    • Aged Care Commission now taking a closer look at compulsory reports
    • Toolkit Educational Videos from ELDAC
    • ACSA State & Territory News
      • Super Guarantee Amnesty – act now before it’s too late!
      • ACSA welcomes new Consultants
    • ACSA Media Alerts
    • ACSA Training and Development
      • Update on ACSA’s Events, Training and Workforce & Industry Development Activity
      • Department of Health:COVID-19 – CHSP advice from Department of Health
  • ACSA Member Update | 20 March 2020
    • The latest information and some answers on COVID-19
    • Measures to support Senior Australians and those who care for them
    • Frequently Asked Questions for in-home care
    • ACSA COVID-19 Webinar: Lessons from BaptistCare + Crisis Media Management
  • ACSA Employee Relations | 24 March 2020
    • Employee Relations Newsletter March 2020
    • In this issue:
    • Managing Secondary Employment
    • Influenza Vaccination – No Jab, No Job?
    • COVID-19 & Privacy Obligations
    • Mental Health and Wellbeing
    • Increase in international students working hours
    • COVID-19 Retention Bonus
    • Job Seeker Allowance
    • ACSA Employee Relations Team
    • NSW Health FW: Secondary triage Information for LHDs and RACFs
  • ACSA Member Update | 25 March 2020
    • COVID-19 Information and Updates
    • National Cabinet meeting – latest coronavirus measures: 24 March
    • Further arrangements for CHSP providers during COVID-19 pandemic
      • Advice for CHSP Social Support Group providers
    • Cashflow assistance for businesses and support for immediate cashflow needs for SMEs
      • In-Home Care FAQs for COVID-19
  • Department of Health Daily COVID-19 Newsletter

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